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Account Takeover Schemes

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The Risk Office is tracking reports of account takeover schemes that employ phone calls to cardholders claiming to be from fraud alert contact centers.  These fraudsters attempt to deceive cardholders into revealing critical information and disregarding legitimate fraud warnings. 

If fraud is suspected, an agent will call to verify the transaction.  The call will come from an 844, 877, or 833 area code.  If the transaction is yours and your card has been restricted, they can reactivate the card immediately.   

Please remember that diligence & account monitoring is the first defense when it comes to stopping fraud.  

  • You should never be asked for, or provide, your full Social Security Number, PIN or One-Time-Passcode (OTP). 
  • You should never respond NOT FRAUD to fraud alerts on activity that you did not perform, regardless of who instructs you to do so. 

If you suspect fraud, call the number on the back of your card directly or, during regular business hours, call the office.